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Addtabz: A Promising Alternative for Adderall

The world has become so advanced that getting ahead of the game has become very challenging. Our grandparents or parents would not be able to comprehend the hurdles that we are facing today. Advancements in processes, research, and technology have brought with it the need for competency. If you lack the needed knowledge to follow such processes, find out where to get information, and use the necessary technology; you will surely get left behind.  

Simply put, life today requires us to have an edge among the rest. In school, you have to learn more things and excel at a level that seemed to be impossible in the old days. This means you have to study a lot more and think a lot more. When you graduate and apply for a job, you have to impress a company with some kind of quality that no one else embodies. At work you have to know and do more than the next guy so that you’ll get to keep your job and get promoted.

Using cognitive enhancers to get the edge

Because of how competitive and challenging the world has become, millions of people, especially Americans, resort to the pharmacologic method of taking that much needed edge. One pill where this “edge” can come from is called Adderall. It is actually a pill used to treat people with ADHD—attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. If you’re someone who is normal (in relation to ADHD) and you take the drug, you become more tolerant to physical and mental stressors, you have more energy to stay awake and be productive, and you are basically more happy. If you add these effects to someone who is studying or looking for a job, such person is very likely to reap the results he is looking for: making a thesis will become fun or working overtime will be a walk in the park. However, it should be noted that it is not in any way a nootropic.

The safety level of Adderall

As with any drug that is used not for what it was created for, frequent use of Adderall can lead to a number of complications. 2 of the most notable are oral sores and addiction. Many of those who have been using the drug for an extended period of time—those who do not have ADHD—have developed such complications.

The adderall alternative

There is, however, a new drug that is showing some promise in being the next big thing in cognitive enhancement drug. This drug is called addtabz. Compared to Adderall, this drug no longer requires a prescription. It is over-the-counter and it is a lot cheaper. So, if you are looking to get that needed mental edge, you don’t have to be a ninja to get the pill you need. No more lying to your doctor or asking for some favors. You simply have to go to your pharmacy and buy addtabz and no one will stop you.

The advantages and disadvantages of the new drug

Currently, it is still under continuous study. But the results that have been coming in are very good. Below you will find the good things and the very minor bad things about the drug:

·         Pros – elevates ability to pay attention and overall energy; no need for prescription; supplement reviews of the drug has been successful so far.

·         Cons – the drug has a substance categorized as unacceptable to the World’s Anti-Doping

·         Agency; the manufacturers do not guarantee anything.

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