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ADHD or attention deficit hyper-activity disorder has long propelled experts and researchers to know its very cause; for ADHD has biological origins that are yet to be clearly understood. Efforts of exploring further the causes which are said to be linked primarily on genetic and environment factors are being strengthened in order to discover a relative cure to this particular mental illness. 

As of today, no cure has been found and people suffering from this type of disorder are only left to medicate themselves as form of a treatment for its various symptoms, and not directly addressing the root cause of it. The therapies being employed likewise serve similar purpose, but not totally assuring the cure of the disease.

Doctors have long been prescribing medicines to address symptoms of ADHD such as problems in concentration, forgetfulness, hyperactivity and the inability to finish tasks due to low attention span. However, in relevance to the medication process, side-effects were reportedly observed among ADHD patients. Most of the reported side-effects are considerably mild and would pose less health risk for the patient; this would likely include sleep, appetite and other simple matters. And in order to help you lessen those said related mild side-effects, below are some of practical remedies that may help.

Decreased Appetite
Person using prescribed ADHD medicines are oftentimes complaining about reduce of appetite. Kids most especially tend to be pickier with the type of food they would like to eat, and the volume of food intake likewise reduces. In response to such crisis, especially for parents, it would be wise to give the medicine after breakfast and serve a large dinner in the evening in consonance to the period where drug-effect is supposed to wear off. And always remember to keep plenty of healthy snacks readily available in the case that your child will request to eat beyond or out of the meal period. This would somehow supplement the low food intake during normal meal periods. 

Stomach pains or upset stomach
This would usually occur when someone takes the medicine with empty stomach, and such side-effect would likewise be felt even by someone taking other medicine aside from ADHD drugs. For generally medicines should be taken not with an empty stomach.

Sleep problems
This can be lessen if regular bedtime routine would be setup which would be more effective if relaxing activities such as reading or storytelling would be employed in the process. If in the case you or child is using a stimulant type of medicine, such as Amphetamine or Dextroamphetamine, it would be wise to consult your doctor for advice. He may be able to lower the dosage or make some amendments about it.

In contrast to not being able to sleep well, others under ADHD medication would suffer daytime drowsiness which more likely to impede them in performing well or in being productive. In same manner as stated above, it would be wise to ask the doctor about it, he might advise to change the schedule of the drug intake during night time or otherwise he might lower the dosage of it.

The ones stated above are but simple remedies for simple side-effects. But in the case of severe side effects such as mood swings and even medicine rebound, it would be wise to consult your physician to be guided on the proper ways of addressing the concern. It would likely benefit you the most with the proper information that you will be given. Always remember that remedies are not cure in itself but a way of alleviating or setting right undesirable situation or condition.

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